Are you ready for school to start for 24-25?

Yes, I know school just ended. Why are we talking about it starting again?!

We tend to wait to the last minute for too many things. So here is a thought…start buying for school today. You know the kids will need colors, pens, pencils, notebooks, Kleenex, and such. Start today by picking up one or two of the standard items each time you go shopping. This will save you from having to spend all your money at once. You can store the items in your closet and when it is time to get the kids school list…BAM!! Most or all of it can be done and you didn’t have to rebalance your spending plan for school supplies.

This can be done for school clothing too! Look around for deals on shoes, pants, underwear, and all the items the kids will need. They will be dressed and ready for school before it is time and again your spending plan is not out of balance! Happy shopping!!

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