Do you Know Your Numbers?

It the last few weeks new clients have been calling and the biggest issues are there books. They don’t know their numbers about their business. One of the most important issues as being a business owner is your set of books. To be able to run your business correctly and grow as you want and deserve to, knowing your numbers is top priority.

Here are a few examples: One client had labor at 50% of the total income and not only did they not know it, they didn’t want to know it. Another client doesn’t have any kind of accounting software set up, they are working from a shoebox.

Here is another top issue with your bookkeeping, doing your books but not knowing how to. You are wasting one of the most valuable things you have: time. How much time are you spending trying to do a job you either hate, don’t understand or just don’t want to do it. And then you feel guilty for not doing it.

STOP the madness. You wouldn’t hire the roofer to plumb your home would you? Would you hire the plumber to roof your home? NO!! Then stop wasting your valuable time doing a job you just can’t.

Your business needs a great set of books to be able to run the business properly and when you are ready to sell that set of books is the first thing that is asked for from a possible buyer. Lets get your books right from the beginning for you and your business.

FIX it CHANGE it can bring you peace of mind, give you more time to do what you need to do, and create a set of books for your business in QuickBooks. Lets talk. 337-849-2279

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