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Did you know that one of the #1 reasons businesses fail is money management?  A person can have all the skills and passion to do the job: create websites, lawn care services, day care, ect.  The type of is irrelevant.  Sadly, I have watched very talented people jump in headfirst into a business without any kind of plan.  They know they have the talent and passion, and they can make it work on that.  Within six months to less than two – five years they lose everything.  Not just their business, but their home, the dog, the vehicle(s) and sometimes their spouse and children.  

Yes, their passion and talent were strong.  But it takes so much more then strong passion and talent to run a successful business.  It takes capital to start, money management skills, cash flow, understanding cash flow, sales abilities, capable staff, communication skills with staff and clients, being open minded, and so much more. 

What is the plan?  That is an amazing question.  Here is the answer…. what is the business?  It is not a cookie cutter thing to start a business.  Unless you are purchasing a franchise where they have all the answers for you nice and neat in a binder, then you must figure it out everything on your OWN.   

Who do you ask for help?

Where do you start?

How do you start?

The questions are endless.  It can become so overwhelming you don’t start.  That is not the answer either.  You have a vision. You have the talent!  It is your desire to take that talent and use it to live out your dream.  

Let’s talk! 

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