Christmas is Coming

Funny how Christmas is the same date every year…December 25th, but the majority of people are not preparing for Christmas.

Over the last 25 years of being in business and watching employees, friends, and family members spend the way they do for Christmas. Here are a few examples:

They take their vacation check and use that money. They will take a whole paycheck or two between Thanksgiving and mid December and spend it on Christmas. They will skip a bill or two just to make sure everyone has a BIG Christmas. My favorite, they will rack up credit cards, at 29% – 32%, to make sure everyone, again, has a BIG Christmas.

Today is is the day you stop stressing over the holidays and remember what it is all about for you. IF you are a gift giver, keep it within your means and more about the person you are gifting and not about what people will see you gifting. It is not a competition with gifting it is the giving of your time and love.

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