Hacked! Look at Your Statements…all of Them!

Life in 2024 has become so much easier and faster. We use our phones for everything. We can send a message, write an email, text, pay bills and even write a book.

But are we using it to its fullest potential? No not at all! We look at the account and see the balance, see that there is money and move one. Do you check to see what activities are going on in your accounts?

My father’s account was hacked. The fraud started really small. It started with $1.92 one day and then a few days later it was $3.58. About a week later it was 8.97. He does not check his account I do. I had not checked it in six months and he was taken for well over $100. The bank would only go back six months so anything before that was his loss and we both had to get new debit cards. Then everything attached to those cards had to be changed!!! He travels and that is his only form of paying. Needless to say his account is check daily. How often do you check yours?

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