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Money Talks With Your Partner

When you hear the word “BUDGET” what thoughts rise to the surface of your brain?

OH, HELL NAH!  Budget…what is a budget? Why do I need to go on a budget? Why don’t you go on a budget? I work hard for my money, and you are not going to tell me how to spend my money!

This is it! You are going on a “budget”! 

Did you know that money is one of the number one reasons for divorce.  Yep! I googled it!  Here are some of the reasons why it is one of the number one reason:

Crazy right?! Why do you think that is?  They were not taught how to discuss their financial situation. Yep! It is that simple.  Communicate. Talk.  Chat.  Speak.  Discuss.  Connect. Reason.  Conversation.

Two people that decide to live together, decide to buy/rent a home, decide to get married, decide to have kids, and decide to have pets, can’t decide to talk about their finances.

We come from different backgrounds.  Many just know what they saw their parents do.  What did you see your parents do with their finances?  I never saw my parents talk about their money.  My dad was a truck driver, and his paycheck was either mailed home or on the rare occasion he was coming home he brought it with him.  Mom deposited the check in the bank and wrote checks to pay the bills.  That is what I grew up with. 

Yeah, the conversation of saving money was tossed around, however, we didn’t have any lessons on saving money, how to handle money, enjoy money, or to use money to make more money: investing.  Mom was not taught any more than put the money in the bank, pay the bills and stretch the rest for groceries, family needs; and my dad was always away working.  Now, I don’t blame my parents.  It is just what they knew at the time and what they did.  Heck, I did not know either until I was in my 30’s. Yeah, my 30’s.  After I had been married, divorced, remarried, four daughters, pregnant with the 5th daughter, and a new business to run.  Yes, my husband and I started late in life learning finances, credit scores, how to use credit cards correctly, debt to income ratio, investing, life insurance, and all the struggles that come with it.  In the beginning it was horrible.  The stories to come with astound you.  Hence, the reason today I am a Money Coach.

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